WHITE LABEL SKINCARE LIJN now has a new skincare line that you can personalize to your taste / style and is all produced in the Netherlands. The compact product line that provides cleaning, care, anti-aging, tanning, hydration and firming of the skin are specially designed for beauty salons and pharmacies.

The products contain only natural ingredients and active ingredients. This high quality skin care can be completely personalized with your own name & logo in your own house style. You can supply your own design or use our skilled designer for a personalized label. The white label stage have a special airless vacuum system which keeps the contents of the products even longer. With this skincare line you can use your own personalized skincare products to distinguish yourself from other salons. And unlike other private labels, you can order in small quantities from as little as 12 pieces without renouncing the excellent quality. This way you can start your own brand without investing a lot in large numbers.

You can test samples for free, you order in the webshop sample package and when you place an order within six weeks you will get this fee back.

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