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Starting or expanding your own brand is a lot of fun, but it does require a good approach. What is your corporate identity? And how do you develop it so that when you expand in the future, you can continue to mix and match it without having to revise your existing packaging?
When our designers make a design for you, we will always contact you first to find out what your style and wishes are, there they will connect with your ideas and their craftsmanship.
When there is room for free input, our professionals will be happy to show you the trends in packaging and design.

ABC Action Plan…

A. Choose the style

For the design, choose one style, and one font. We have hundreds of examples in our portfolio. You can use an example or preference from the portfolio to make your wishes known. We never make the same design twice, each label gets its own fingerprint.

B. Select the shape & colours

Once you have chosen your home style, choose one of the 50 printing colours. The colors are very varied and range from black and white, pastel to full color. Your text, logo or image will be printed in this colour.
Finally, determine the shape of the label. We have the possibility to assign every free form to the design. The labels are also available in many different sizes.

C. Delivery of products with personalized label (label).

After we have received your input, our designers will start making the design for your label. You will then receive a free proof for verification. If you are satisfied with the proof, you will receive the personalized products within 4 weeks.

Tips for making the perfect label

To make sure that your label lacks nothing, we have a number of tips.
Sparkling label
To make your label stand out, you can choose a bright colour. However, when choosing the colours, keep in mind the characteristics of the company. Think of the font and the scale on which you project it. Is your company known, for example, for always being at the forefront of new developments? Then research the trends or choose a timeless packaging!
Corporate identity
Try to include your corporate identity in the label as much as possible. This can be done by means of colours, but also by using the logo on the label. In this way, your customers can see at once that the product comes from your company.
Many beautiful labels miss their target when it is not clearly indicated what the product is, and what it does. Good information takes away choice stress and helps you to make a good sale.

Contact WhiteLabel
Do you have any questions or do you want more information about the possibilities and the different types of designs? Our staff will be happy to help you. You can contact us without obligation by calling 0768200375 or by sending an e-mail to

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